Thursday, April 2, 2009

Updated Pricing Information and Ordering Details

I believe in keeping my prices low, as the stores sell them way too marked up. I really do this as a hobby...not necessarily to make a living off of...although Kaylyn gets a few more outfits by selling more bows!

I can do just about anything you request. My favorite hair bows to make are custom made to match specific outfits. If you have an outfit or two that you would like a bow or headband made to match, simply send me an e-mail with a photo of the outfit to!

I can attach your bows in many ways...
Stretchy headbands for infants, crochet or nylon headbands for infants or toddlers, hard plastic headbands, pigtail holders, pony tail holders, clips-lined alligator, lined snap, or french.

Here are my prices:

$4 for small basic bow (one color) 3" or 4" (add $2 for crochet or nylon/lycra headband)

$5 for 3" or 4" (1-3 colors) bows on alligator clip or stretch bands for small infants (add $2 for crochet or nylon/lycra band)

$7 for 3" or 4" layered bow on a clip

$9 for 3" or 4" layered bow or flower on a crochet or nylon headband

$10 for woven headbands (up to 4 colors) This includes 1 interchangable bow. Additional bows can be made for $2 each.

$1 each for Bitty Bows attached to snap (1 3/4") or alligator clip

Interchangable stretch headbands $1-$2 each (can be added to any bow with an alligator clip on it). Please let me know which style you would like...